Frequently Asked Questions

Does ISTV Box have a support number?

Yes, The number is:

Other support includes:


Technical Support Department


Billing Department


Returns and Refunds


Billing and Returns Department
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Technical Support
9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Buffering Isssues? Click Here.

For more resources Click Here.

Can I use the box on more than one TV?

No, one box per TV.

Is it legal?

Yes, provided you use your ISTV media player as intended. Like your home computer, you have access to much media content via the Internet. Our ISTV TV Box is a mini-super computer, just like the one you have been using for years at work and at home. A sofware application on our TV Box goes out to the Internet and indexes links from various websites and puts that information in a easy searchable format just as Google does with its search engine. By giving you direct links to content from these websites, its much safer than trying to find these websites on your own.

What’s the return policy?

See it here

Will this work with any Internet connection?

Your ISTV media player will work with any internet connection provided that it is fast enough. The suggested minimum connection speed is 10mbs.

Can I download anything to the box? If yes, what can I download?

Our ISTV media player does NOT download or save any of the media content that is streamed.

What happens when I lose the remote?

You may purchase an additional remote from Legacy direct or from your local media supplier.

Is the ISTV portable?
ISTV is portable meaning that you may travel with it to connect to any TV with an HDMI connection. However power and internet access will always be required.

Can I record shows etc, so I can watch them later?

No, but they will most likely be available for you to play on-demand thus eliminating the necessity to record.

Can you link it to a tablet/smart phone/laptop, use it on the go?

Yes, provided it has an HDMI connection.

Will it work with my mobile hot spot?

Yes, your cell phone also makes a great mobile hotspot provided that it is fast enough which most are.

Can I attach a hard drive to it for more storage?

You are not able to download or copies any movies or TV shows, however, you may add additional storage by adding an SD card or External Hard Drive for things such as your pictures, personal videos, and such.

What’s the warranty service?

12 Months Manufacturers Warranty against defects and your unit will be repaired or replaced upon malfunctions.

Is there any parental locks?

Many channels has parental controls and this should satisfy your needs.

If my device stops working what should I do?

Contact Customer Service

Is there a hard reset button?

Yes, located in the back of your device.

How do I transfer it from one TV to another?

Unplug the HDMI cord and Plug it into the other TV

If I break my device can I get a refund?


What if new software comes out after I buy my device, will it update itself?


What is recommended internet speed for optimum performance?

Generally speaking, you probably need at least a 10mbps connection to stream 1080p reliably in most cases. The faster the speed, the better the performance.

Can I get in trouble for using this device?

No, provided you are not doing anything illegal.

Why does my ISTV box lag sometimes?

Slow internet speed

What does it mean if it says buffering?

Buffering means the program is reading ahead of what you are watching. That happens when a program was streaming something from the internet and you hit a slow download speed. That’s why we recommend an internet speed of 10mbs or more.

What hours are technical support open?

9am – 5pm PST

Am I allowed to buy one at retail and sell it to friends and family if I’m not a distributor?


Why is it when I click on a stream/feed it doesn’t work?
We are not a provider of any media content and can’t guarantee any media to work at any time however, we find that the majority of all streams are working.

Can I enable subtitles?


How do I know my ISTV box will continue to work for years without being cut off like past boxes have (dragon box, black box etc. have all shut down)?
Because we are not copying, downloading, or stealing anybody’s signal. Our media player is the same as your home computer which can access the same things, same content. Only our media player is not affected by viruses and pop ups.

How can I purchase a ISTV box and have it shipped to someone else as a gift?

Place the order and use a different shipping address.

Are there any videos I can watch that help explain the capabilities of what my ISTV box can do?


What does HD, SD, and HQ mean?

HD: High Definition
SD: Standard Definition
HQ: High Quality

Can I hook up hardline Internet to my box or does it have to run off of wifi?

Yes, the hardline would be the Ethernet cable. Since WiFi can be unstable at times, an Ethernet cable from your router to our TV Box would provide the best consistent performance.

Buffering is very simple, it all comes down to the speed you’re getting to your unit and the host that is sending you the stream.

What do I do if the Stream is buffering or Freezing?

• There are two main reasons for this:

1. the stream that you are trying to connect to does not have enough bandwidth to deliver the stream adequately. The solution to this is to simply stop the stream and select a different one.

2. Your Internet or WiFi connection is inadequate. The solution to this is to either upgrade your Internet connection or start using an Ethernet (wired) connection instead of your WiFi connection. Remember wireless 5GHZ is faster but 2.4GHZ has a longer range. Some people have even purchased a more powerful WiFi router. Here is a great set of routers from Net Gear
click here

Is there anything else I can do for buffering?

• If you are watching an on demand stream that buffers you can pause that stream for 3-5 minutes to cache it out and let it buffer ahead a bit so when you resume play buffering should subside. You should notice a lighter blue/gray bar appear behind the blue movie bar on your screen.

First step is to check your end and do a Speed Test on your ISTV unit.

• The speed test icon is on the home page of your ISTV box and is in the first row, fourth Icon to the right. Speed test must be done on your unit not another device, all that matters is the speed your unit is getting so don’t worry about what another device in your house might be getting. If you’re below 10Mbps on your download speed it’s probably on your end and please see below for ways to help improve the speed you’re getting on your unit.

If you’re getting over 15-30Mbps when running the speed test and still getting buffering on certain things then it’s probably on the hosts end, sometimes hosts will get overloaded and that will cause the buffering even with high speeds on your end. The best part about ISTV is our options, Do a simple search for whatever you’re looking for in another add-on, for example, under movies, the links in the submenu that are yellow, are like doing a Google Search, the links that are colored in Red are like doing a Yahoo search, the links in Blue are like doing a Bing search. They are search for the same words you put in, but they provide different links to streams.
Under the TV Show section, you will sometimes find better links to older movies under the Blue links.

If you can connect with an Ethernet cord that usually the best option. If you connect wireless make sure you connect to the 5.8GHz Dual Band signal. If your router doesn’t have that signal and only offers 2.4GHz you should look into upgrading your router. The best router by far is the Nighthawk, it’s great for homes with multiple devices and range. Costco and Amazon offers a great price on them.

You also can try changing the Channel on your router if you’re paying for high speed but getting lower tests on your ISTV. Most routers come on the default channel 1 for 2.4GHz, you will have much better luck on 7 or 8 as those won’t have any interference. To change your router channels you need to log into your router for your pc. The info to do this is usually somewhere on your router.

• We suggest doing a Speed Test on your 2.4GHz & 5.8GHz signals along with directly connecting through ethernet cord and see which is getting faster speeds to your unit.

• If you pay for less than 15mgs stop trouble shooting immediately and call your current company to upgrade or cancel and go with another company for higher speeds. Buffering is very simple, it all comes down to the speed you’re getting to your unit and the host that is sending you the stream.